First post

So, im sure the first post in a blog is supposed to be a real statement of intent,something to catch the eye and captivate the reader to such an extent that the reading of said blog becomes as much a part of their daily routine as the morning commute, afternoon coffee or, as has been the case for the majority of my co-workers for the last 4 months, visit to The Coronet, Holloway Road.

As a newcomer to the blogging scene I have, bravely I think, clearly ignored this convention by resolving to post an utterly mediocre first entry safe in the knowledge the the vast majority of people reading this will be either family or friends; most of whom, being recent graduates, have literally nothing better to do.

Anyway, enough about that. As most of you know after coaching in the community with Arsenal for four months they are now sending me to New Delhi for four months, leaving on Wednesday. Whilst there im going to be working with the Indian Youth Soccer Association and living and coaching with my friend, coworker and occasional rapper Ali in an apartment in the south of the city which comes with a chef, hopefully helping to avoid the dreaded delhi belly!

My last sunday in London has been occupied predominately with packing, after packing, unpacking and repacking my bag numerous occasions around trips to El Vaquero in Whetstone for a final family lunch before I go (all you can eat meat, excellent) and a trip to see Goon at the cinema (comic violence with stiffler, also pretty solid) I’ve finally got to a situation where my own football stuff, Arsenal mechandise to give to the kids and actual clothes weigh just about enough that BA may take pity on me and ignore the limit.

Anyway, I’ll try and add more stuff to this as I go along and hopefully discover my own blogging style which I envision to be a mixture of the comedy writings of Danny Wallace, the hard-hitting journalism of Andrew Marr and the integrity of Gandhi… all presented in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Cheers for reading.


For anyone interested in the gap year programme and the other projects abroad a few of my mates have set up their own blogs documenting their times abroad.


Kenya- Sam and Danny

Israel- Joe and Denys (with exclusive photos already!)

Indonesia- Sean and Ollie

and Finally, the blog we have all been reading and aspiring to over the last four months, the brilliant, if somewhat self-indulgent


Me and Ali pre-India.... yes i'm aware its the closest anybody in an Arsenal shirt has got to that trophy in years, wheey


Arsenal merch for the kids... need to find a Freddie in New Delhi...


Arg from The Only Way is Essex, not coming to India but still.. lad





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